Re-Vision Performing Arts Festival was Founded in 2018 by visual artists Chloe Austin and Jen Alexander, both currently based in Northern Ireland.  Re-Vision Festival is driven by an artist-led team that is primarily interested in focusing on contemporary gender and body politics throughout diverse performing arts. 


The aim of this festival is to create various platforms inside and outside of artistic environments for artists who embrace the performative qualities in their work. Re-Vision aims to interrogate gender inequality, fight for empowerment and address issues relating to identity, gender, mental health and well-being.


The personal is political, what does this mean in contemporary society and what can this look like through performing arts?


Through supporting and promoting socially engaged art practices, our goal is to move beyond gender mainstreaming and to inspire engagement and action.

Re-Vision contributes to the queer community in Northern Ireland by providing opportunities to creatives that wish to increase visibility, promote diversity and celebrate identities. We offer support to emerging artists to have their voices heard and listened to, showcasing queer artists that don't believe that they 'fit' into socially normative art practices. Through diverse performative arts, Re-Vision promotes creative minds to come together and share their talent within established and well-known venues in Belfast City Centre.

Since 2018, Re-Vision has worked with various artistic organisations, galleries and charities in Belfast City Centre including Accidental Theatre, Golden Thread Gallery, Fenderesky Gallery, The Black Box, Ulster Sports Club and Catalyst Arts.