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In Motion (2020) was initiated over the months of lockdown. During this time, artists had been limited and restricted to showcasing and promoting their works through social media platforms and online events.
The aim for this project was to attempt in curating an exhibition/installation from the comfort of our own homes, allowing us to spend time with displayed work once again. Something we all craved and missed for many months. 

Following the successful experience of working together, In Motion continued working as a group, challenging our digital environment, experimenting with our virtual presence and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. In Motion took up residence at The Dollhouse Space as ROOMIES in January 2022.
In Motion brought together visual artists on the island of Ireland who exchange artworks and create their own critiques/responses upon viewing the work. The artists currently involved are Nollaig Molloy, Ben Malcolmson, Éanna Mac Cana, Kitsch Doom and Chloe Austin.

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Here Comes The Storm, Video Still, 2020

Here Comes The Storm, 2020


Response work to Eanna Mac Cana,  2021


Dream Journal: In The Making, 2021


Dream Journal: In The Making, 2021


Dream Journal: In The Making, 2021

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Dream Journal: Scans, 2021


Trying to see differently, Dream Journal, 2021

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Dream Journal: Video (stills), 2021

Dream Journal: Video, 2021

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