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In this workshop, zine-making was introduced as a participatory research method. Drawing from the radical resources and narratives from the Cork LGBT Archive, we investigated the role that zine-making and archival mediations can play in knowledge exchange. 

Zines are self-published, magazine-like booklets that are created as an alternative to mainstream publishing. Historically, they provide an independent platform of expression for marginalised and underrepresented voices. The process of zine-making has been shown to stimulate creative expression, collective/collaborative action and self-awareness, serving as a tool for empowerment. 

We reflected on ‘space’ or ‘taking up space’ while creating our zines. This was flexible and related to autonomous spaces, gentrification, gender, bodies, identity, performance, etc. 

Through zine-making, participants learned about zines as a medium for agency and resistance, as well as a platform for expressive self-expression through and beyond words. 

The workshop took place at MTU Crawford College of Art and Design on 7th March 2024 from 2-5pm. 



Padraig Spillane, Collette Nolan, Christina Hall, Ella O'Sullivan, Alexander Healy, Jonathan Stack, Sophie Quigley, Patrick Penney, Leah Goldsmith, Asha Nugent, Aoife Claffey, Alice Healy, Ashley Moloney, Jessica Hoare & Amy Moynihan

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