Chloe Austin is a visual artist who focuses on female representation through lens-based media. Originally from Cork, she is now currently living and working in Belfast. Chloe has exhibited and performed in venues across Ireland and the UK including Catalyst Arts Belfast, Cork Film Cente, GOMA Waterford amongst others. She is also Founder and Director of Re-Vision Performing Arts Festival.




Through performative video, text and installation, I focus on issues surrounding technologies and its impact on relationships. Mainly through the process of creative writing, I aim to challenge the spectator to question whether these relationships are fictional or attempting to expose some truths. This is then further explored visually, through performative video and installation, seeking to evoke pain, pleasure and pathos. By addressing the depths of our relationships with others, we become painfully aware of the lack of human contact due to our ever-evolving digital environment. Popular culture and mass media have changed the way we view others, the way we view ourselves. I aim to explore the manipulative relationship between the self and the Other, often experimenting with techniques of duality and mirroring.

There is a fascination with visuality in today's media-saturated world, leaving the sensation of touch largely forgotten. There is a yearning for proximity and human contact that has become a struggle in contemporary society due to new technologies. Within my practice, I attempt to convey a strong sense of the performativity of the body where public and private space is determined by seeing and being seen, touching and being touched.


Special thanks to Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Padraig Trehy and Eamonn Maxwell for the guidance and support.



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