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Archival Discomfort is a performance-lecture by Chloe Austin as part of her PhD practice-based research project, Living but a Day. This lecture will reflect on awkward archive visits, uncomfortable sensations and a broader exploration into the ‘queer archival turn’.


Borrowing various texts and theories, Chloe will trace her own affective, fleeting, textual, weird, generative, erotic, failing, and ephemeral relationship to the queer and feminist archive across the island of Ireland. Archival Discomfort will not be linear, instead it will be fragmented, leading to dead ends and taking several twists and turns.

Image by Aidan O' Neill

MVI_6515.00_26_10_16.Still017 copy.jpg

How does your body react and perform in relation to discomfort?

Images by Sandra Johnston

Images by Aidan O' Neill

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