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B D G R L 126 Artist-Run Gallery

The BDGRL exhibition opening was a huge success! We had such an incredible turn out and it was overall a great night. It was such a fantastic experience to curate and organise BDGRL alongside the wonderful (and fantastic artists themselves) Saffron Lily and Sarah Keenan.

Our artists included Katie O’Grady, Emily Lohan, Samir Rana and Eden Mitsenmacher.

Katie O’Grady’s installation work seeks out the evil or ‘bad girl’ of the feminine, to find this otherness. To embrace and celebrate it.

Instagram: @kat.nips

Emily Lohan’s installation including 12 individual pieces, centres around rape culture and the question of victim-blaming in sexual violence against women.

Instagram: @emily_lohan_

Samir Rana’s work arises from text and imagery related to female gender and femininity used in vintage Indian and Pakistani media advertisements. Samir attracts attention towards the change in portrayal of gender and sex in media and society through time.

Instagram: @ranasamir

Eden Mitsenmacher’s video installation takes a critical yet engaging view of social, political and cultural issues. Eden blurs the lines between sincerity and ambiguity.

Instagram: :@edenmitsenmacher

Images taken by Saffron Lily and myself.

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