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Sophia Santabarbra and Chloe Austin are recent graduates from a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art at Crawford College of Art and Design. The artists received the Cork Film Centre Exhibition Award from their Beyond Dialogue degree show last June.

Both artists work touches on self-exploration and questioning identification and body. Aesthetically and physically, both artists seek a sense of self through a process of fragmentation.

Chloe Austin’s installation focuses on mirroring the tension of desiring a unified representation of self-image. The female battle continues to portray our bodies as a site where issues are raised, debated and often neglected. Representation of the ‘self’ produces gaps and severance, revealing an extreme breakdown of communication. The difficulties that exist with being a woman, have their roots in identification and desire resulting in the violent dismantling of the ‘self’ with the confluence of image, body and screen.

Sophia Felumaz’s video and photography is an expression of the process of self - exploration. The artist is creating, through an act of spontaneous association, a map of the personal unconscious. This is depicted through symbolism and archetypical figures. The destination of this work is an oneiric space of reflection, and a mirroring reality that bridges from the personal to the collective unconscious.

The opening of INABSOLUTE will commence on the 22nd of March and it will run for a month at the Cork Film Centre Gallery, Gunpowder Mills Centre, Long Range, Ballincollig, Co. Cork.

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