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Since 2013, K-FEST has been using unoccupied spaces in Killorglin, transforming vacant retail outlets, deserted buildings and even domestic homes into curated bespoke pop-up galleries. To date, K-FEST has housed over 600 visual artists and approximately 3,000 original works of art across all disciplines. The re-appropriation of 12 vacant buildings by 100 visual artists is itself a staggering work of socially engaged art.

I was over the moon to have this opportunity to exhibit my work among some amazingly talented artists and people. It was so inspiring and to speak with people viewing my work was a fantastic experience (even if it was compared to Insidious by one lady, but we'll ignore that). To see fellow artists and members of the community in Killorglin have different opinions and enjoy my work was an experience I won't forget.

I showed 3 A1 prints from my HUSH project and two videos, Entrapment and Hush (the narrative).

HUSH explores the suppressed voices questioning female representation and the relationship between body and mind. I focus on the ever so subtle unobtainable ideal self. The female battle continues to address the image of the body as a place where issues are raised, debated and often enough, ignored.

I am currently working on new photographic series entitled Disfigured and plan to start creating video pieces soon, so stay tuned! Thank you for all the support.

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