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Its not news that my work comes across scary and unsettling. I've always had strong interests in the Female Gothic and the Monstrous Feminine. There is reason behind this, that I have not shared before.

Women's sexuality has often been portrayed as something scary, uncomfortable and threatening. We have been long portrayed as monstrous in literature and film, often due to their stepping out of the rules that society had placed us into and transgressing into the boundaries of the male sphere.

Women who broke these rigid boundaries of their category of existence was transgressing into areas that didn't constitute what a woman was thought to be and disrupted the way which society was ordered. This led women to be viewed as monstrous and unnatural.

The monstrous fem clearly manifests itself in literature in the past, as women have long been understood as inferior patriarchal systems. Yet, as modern society would like to think it has overcome these injustices, they are still being reflected in contemporary literature and film and society.

These concepts are ongoing throughout my practice and I plan to continue pushing and progressing with my strong interests and ideas. Introducing my new video, Abject from Disfigured project.

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